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A New Renewed Resolution

Do you resolve to make resolutions at the beginning of each year? The first resolutions were those of ancient Babylonians making promises to pay off debts and return farming equipment with the hope to earn favor from their gods. The Romans declared January 1 as the first day of the year to honor Janus, the Roman god of beginnings who has two faces that allow him to look into the past and forward to the future. In 46 BC Julius Caesar allowed the previous year to drag on an extra 90 days in order to realign January 1st and the Roman calendar with the sun.

I did not know much of the above. In these modern times popular resolutions consist of goals to become healthier, more physically fit, more positive and more spiritual. A lot of people resolve to spend more time with their loved ones. Some wish to improve upon their financial state. I can tell you that getting into shape, losing weight, and to quit biting my nails are my top three resolutions every year and I’m right on track for making this year (or next) the one in which it all happens!

Please allow me to introduce myself; my name is Michelle and I work at BottleHood. I am part of a team of fantastically creative souls who have a wonderful thirst for life and its many adventures. Recently, I asked my fellow employees to relay a few of their New Year’s resolutions to me for inspiration. While most shared the same goals as the popular aforementioned declarations of the general public (myself included) a few co-workers had some more unique ideas. Jewelry Manager, Kelly, said “to not type ‘LOL’ unless I have really laughed aloud.” Evan, our Sourcing Manager replied, “I want to learn more jokes!” (Backstory: Evan sits behind me and I make him tell me jokes.) I loved Marketing Director Leslie’s resolution “to eat less chocolate, drink more champagne and practice more yoga in between.” But my favorite by far was from Jonathan who works in packing and shipping. He replied simply ”to eat more calories.” Yes please and I wish.

What better way to keep goals than to share them with your friends, loved ones and perhaps a co-worker or four? Together, we have new resolutions for our company! For starters, we want to learn more, grow in knowledge and in product! We want to make new friends and take more trips to see what other developments are going on in our industry and in our community. BottleHood will expand and try new ideas this coming year and we resolve to keep telling you what we are doing and the things that keep us inspired! So it begins (again)…our renewed blog, a superb resolution.


Performers and Presenters at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards Received BH Bombay Sapphire Drinking Glasses and Necklaces

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BottleHood is Now in Vegas!

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Green Cyber Monday Coupon Codes

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BottleHood ::: Green Cyber Monday Coupon Codes

BottleHood is in San Diego!

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Check out our website and Facebook postings to read where you can see our repurposed glass bottle products!

Hillcrest CityFest on Sunday, August 8

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From 12 noon to 8pm, BottleHood will be at Booth 043 in the Arts / Crafts section.

An Invite to the Zinfandel Festival in Paso Robles

This Saturday, March 20, BottleHood will be displaying repurposed wine and champagne bottles during the Zinfandel Festival in Paso Robles.

A Zin-filled weekend, BottleHood has been invited by the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance during Saturday night’s Zin Tasting and Wine Country Auction. Tumblers, vases, light fixtures, votives, cheese trays, condiment bowls and pendant beads will all be on display, as well as BottleHood’s donation toward the auction.

Come by and say hello!

BottleHood will be at the San Francisco International Gift Show at the Moscone Center this weekend, February 6-9.

We will be introducing a new line of bottleware products…

BottleHood is in YOUR Hood

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BottleHood products will be featured at Sea Rocket Bistro this Saturday at North Park Nights.  Here is a write up done by the Sea Rocket Bistro.  Hope to see you all there!

We’re coming up on another North Park Nights this Saturday, and to celebrate some more local art, we’ll be featuring beautiful, recycled glassware from Steve at BottleHood as well as other recycled art in the form of Leslie’s Proverbial Printz. BottleHood collects used beer, wine and liquor bottles from local restaurants and turns them into tumblers and vases. So you could be enjoying glowing candlelight from a bottle that you once drank wine out of during a previous visit to the bistro! This is just another great example of a local business helping to reduce waste, and even keep recyclables out of the process to begin with.

St Germain Liquor Bottle VASE

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This bottle of St Germain is an extraordinary French-made elderflower liqueur, and the bottle makes for a gorgeous vase! Released early in 2007, this liquor was all the rage at Tales of the Cocktail and in news outlets from the NY Times to the magazine “Out.”  The vase is clear and is very heavy for its size. Extraordinary in its shape, a unique cut, it’s truely a one of a kind piece! This vase is a perfect for any table or shelf and is a perfect holiday gift for the eco-friendly person!


St. Germain Liquor Bottle VASE

Size: 8.5” tall x 3.375” diameter
Capacity: 28 ounce

Source: Urban Solace

We work glass as if it’s a gem stone, and finish it like a piece of jewelry. We do not use kilns, or high energy equipment.

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